Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A look back at the Semester

This class taught me a lot about being a filmmaker. For starters, while I love films and helping on film sets I don't believe a career path such as this would be correct for me. After learning about the production side of film I think, if I was choosing to stay with the film major, I would have to go more the analytical path of film. I am so non-technologic that I am practically a cave man so I understand that going more with the production would be hard for me. I think this can be seen in my multiple failures as the director of photography. I enjoy talking about movies and discussing them way more then I enjoy making them. For me, 205 came much easier for me then 201 did simply because it was more my style of film education. This class was able to show me that film production was something that I am not that strong in and should not pursue as a career because of my lack of skill in that area. That is not to say I did not have an amazing time in the class meeting everyone and trying things I had never done or heard of before. Thank you for an amazing class and a fun experience in my college career!

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