Thursday, December 6, 2012

Portrait of a Zombie: Gnarly

So for my other film I decided to go see for Cucalorus, I chose Portrait of a Zombie. You may not know this, but I love zombie films. I know it's tacky and they are way overdone but there is something about zombies that just tickles my fancy. So of course when I saw that this was one of my options I signed up faster then the time it takes you turn into a zombie after being bit... which is usually on the faster side. The movie itself had some amazing cinematography. There was a lot of camera use that made the movie seem more documentary style which gave the film a nice comedic side. The characters were somewhat typical. The director of the"documentary" film that would do anything and risk everything to get the shots he wants, the family who doesn't want to kill their son even though he's trying to eat their flesh, and the tough guys who just want to kill the shit out of anything non-human. Even though it was typical in that sense, it was a nice spin on the every day zombie film you've seen a thousand times. It was all about the first zombie and how his family deals with him becoming the first zombie. For a zombie movie, it actually had some pretty good acting which helped me stay mentally in the movie. Of course, since it is a zombie movie, there were some pretty gruesome scenes. It was past ten o'clock at night and let's just say I wasn't ready to watch a zombie eat a baby out of his non-zombie wife's stomach. When that happened my reaction, while it was within means (I think), made a few people stare at me.

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